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A few words about Dr. Drosos

Dr. Stamatis Drosos was born on the island of Kos on 28/04/1983.
From his childhood, he was professionally into sports, especially in track and field (400m hurdles) and amaturely into Chinese martial arts such as Wing Chun, Chi Kung, and others.


He has been taught Western and Chinese Philosophy, which include psychology, the energy of the human body (chi) and spirituality, by remarkable teachers.

Along the way, he was drawn to both Training and Medicine (Western and Chinese).  As a result, he was a private trainer and therapist for professional athletes while studying Hippocratic and Chinese Medicine. He was also trained in other modern healing techniques of the human body and psychology.

Today, he is Osteopath - Chiropractor, and Naturopath and maintains his Center in the area of ​​Agia Marina in Kos, as he develops his own method.



My goal is to help you live a life without pain,
but full of well-being, longevity and vitality!
- Dr. Stamatis Drosos
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