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Online Naturopathy Sessions

Why choose an online session?


The great thing about online physiotherapy sessions is that you can do them wherever you are, at any time!


We can schedule the session via Skype, Zoom, or Facebook Messenger depending on what you prefer.


The high quality of the services we offer online remains exactly the same as if you were face to face with Dr. Drosos.

How does an online session look like?

For new customers, online Naturopathy sessions consist of a package of 3 appointments. The first appointment lasts 45 minutes and the next 2 appointments consist of 30 minutes each and are scheduled according to the first appointment.

At the first appointment, you will complete a health history record with Dr. Drosos and you will discuss your problem in detail. You may then be asked to have some blood tests or other tests if necessary.
When we have all the necessary information, Dr. Drosos will create your treatment plan and you will receive it within a week.


The treatment plan includes:

  • Detailed explanation of the nature of your problem and the treatment plan

  • Creating a therapeutic diet to your needs

  • Specific adjustments / changes in your lifestyle for best results

  • Recommended special dietary supplements or herbal medicine (if necessary)

Your second appointment will be 2 weeks after you start the program, where you will discuss your progress and solve any questions / concerns.

The third and final appointment will be scheduled 2 weeks after the second appointment.


By then, we will have seen some positive results from the treatment program.

We will discuss how to continue the treatment plan (any changes to the diet plan, etc.) and when we will need to reschedule another appointment if necessary.

When you work on your treatment plan with Dr. Drosos:

- You will feel ready to start living a life full of health and vitality.

- You will be motivated to create beautiful habits for a life that will bring balance and positivity to your daily life.


Do you have any questions?

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