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Osteopathic - Chiropractic Services

Do you suffer from muscle aches, pains in the neck and back, headaches, arthritis, stiffness in joints, tendonitis, etc.?

If so, then our Osteopathic - Chiropractic services will give you the relief you ask for. These are two continuously evolving health fields that use specific and focused techniques to alleviate annoyances and problems in the body. Problems may be temporary (wounding) or chronic (herniated disc, lower back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.)

Our Osteopathic - Chiropractic services can be applied to all ages and in all situations, as long as you have informed us about your potential health problems and condition.


What to expect in your first visit

Patient Form

Upon entering our office, our receptionist will greet you and welcome you. Proceeding, we will request you fill our patient form during your first visit. The paperwork provides Dr. Drosos with general information about you, your family history and your condition.

Meet Dr. Drosos

Next, you will have a consultation with Dr. Drosos to discuss your health-related problems, concerns, as well as the potential treatment plan. Your first visit is designed for Dr. Drosos to learn more about you, your condition and your expectations to see if Chiropractic - Osteopathic treatment is suitable for your case.

After your consultation, Dr. Drosos will perform a complete chiropractic examination testing your spine, reflexes as well as other standard neurologic, orthopedic, postural, and physical examinations. 

Your specific condition may require us to order x-rays or an MRI scan to get a full evaluation of your condition. X-rays help us determine the true cause of your problem and make sure it's not a more serious condition. After discussing with you your history and your goals, examining your spine and reviewing any x-rays or blood tests, Dr. Drosos will discuss his recommendations with you. If you have a condition that requires care with other health care providers, the doctor will let you know and will make a referral. If Dr. Drosos believes he can help you, he will accept you as a patient and you will begin your treatment.

Treatment & Rehabilitation

The first treatment will probably last longer because there will be a wide range of techniques. These may include spinal adjustments, myofascial release, TCM pressures and/or other soft tissue methods. During the treatment, you can feel free to express any questions or concerns you may have with Dr. Drosos. 

Wellness Lifestyle

At the end of your consultation, Dr. Drosos will suggest specific activities of daily living, how you can accelerate your body's self-healing mechanisms and what to do and not to do at home.  Some of these suggestions may include an ice pack or heat application, supplements, orthopedic aids, avoidance of certain activities and positions as well as home exercises.


If you desire an overall wellness lifestyle, we can create good habits and routines that support your success through our Naturopathic Medicine Sessions. Every person is unique and different and therefore everyone requires a unique health and wellness plan. Your overall wellness depends on healthy daily choices such as maintaining a healthy posture, eating a nourishing diet, taking orthomolecular supplements, keeping your weight under control and stress management techniques.

Diseases we can treat:

  • Subluxation

  • Herniated disk

  • Sciatica

  • Lower back pain

  • Car Accidents

  • Chronic Pain

  • Athletic injuries

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Cervical Syndrome

  • Migraines / Dizziness

  • TMJ Syndrome

  • Scoliosis

  • Kyphosis

  • Lordosis

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