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Prices & Payment Options

At DROSOS Clinic, a pioneer Center for Physical Health and Rehabilitation in Kos, we believe in the value of Wellness for you and your family and we have a "Pay-as-You-Go" payment system (Have the session - Pay - Leave), we only accept cash and credit / debit cards.

For online sessions we send you the payment link via credit / debit card and after the payment you will call us to book your appointment.

For pain relief:
  • Osteopathy - Chiropractic session: 50 €
    It takes from 30 to 45 minutes depending on the problem.
For diseases & autoimmune diseases:
  • Naturopath session: 50 €
  • Online Physiotherapy Session: 120 € (for a package of 3rd sessions)
For Prevention & Rehabilitation Programs:
  • Spine: 50 to 100 €
  • Full Body: 100 to 150 €
  • Personalized program: Call us
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